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Career Event- Camille Hollins

2017 April 6
by Camille

I attended the Spring Career Fair, March 14, 2017. My initial purpose for attending was for the ALA 101 class. I believed that I would not receive much information or talk to many companies because of my current sophomore status and because I did not want to apply to any positions at that time. I went the Spring Career Fair my freshmen year; my experience was not beneficial or exceptionally noteworthy. I deemed all of the career fairs to be boring and worthless to any students not graduating. I had a preconceived notion that I would have the same experience this year as well.

Going to the Spring Career Fair this year opened my eyes to the numerous opportunities for my areas of study. I spoke with a range of companies; from an auto tech company to a national program designed for families in need. I did not expect to have the constant available support from the LSA Opportunity Hub and Career Center. Both of these programs provided “elevator pitch” practice, resources, and verbal support before meeting the different companies. It reassured my feelings about the Spring Career Fair because it boosted my confidence before I entered the room to speak with different people.

I did not have specific companies I wanted to speak with, but the ones that I spoke with gave me information about their programs, advice for future years, and opportunities to join them after I graduate. I gained a lot of information about how to deliver my elevator pitch to people. I also learned how to introduce myself to companies I find interesting, but am not too familiar with. I learned to trust myself in quick situations as well (I was unprepared of which companies would be present at the career fair, but my decision was to make quick conversation with them).

I believe that career fair is an amazing opportunity for any students who want to participate. My recommendations for improvement would be to give freshmen students workshops for practicing/developing elevator pitches and research about companies. Instead of freshmen being required to attend career fairs, they should be required to attend workshops to build professional skills before entering career fairs in their future college years. The Spring Career Fair was an amazing opportunity and I am truly glad I went.

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