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Informational Interview-Morgan Moubayed

2017 April 6
by moubayed

For my informational interview, I interviewed Amy Weisman, a University of Michigan graduate of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Amy graduated UofM in ’85 with a BBA and a focus in finance and marketing. She also took several courses in LSA Psychology in order to gain a background in human behaviors that she can apply to consumers in the Business world. I have known Amy for years now, as she is a family friend from my hometown growing up. I have always looked up to Amy as a role model as she is a great example of a successful woman in business and similarly pursued a career in business through recruiting at the Ross Business School. I chose to interview Amy because I’ve heard her speak at several Business panels at Ross and she proudly represents women in business and loves to speak to current Michigan students (especially women) about pursuing a role in Business full time. Before speaking with her (and after) I was interested in her career path, entering straight into the work world in business after her undergraduate degree.

Amy currently works at Sterling Investment Partners, a middle market private equity firm, based out of Westport, CT. At first I was not aware of what a private equity firm was, so Amy explained how they invest in a broad range of companies with revenues of 100-300 million dollars. When I asked about her day-to-day responsibilities, she said that her personal role as a Business Development Director, is to proactively look for investment opportunities for the firm to invest in, which involves tasks such as outbound calling to investment bankers or attending networking meetings throughout the country. She also initially screens and reviews the business opportunities for the firm to make sure they are logical investments. Lastly, Amy oversees and manages the entire process of getting deals in the firm and tracking them to make sure they are being analyzed and looked into. So some of her typical day duties are to make calls, sit in on meetings, and she frequently travels in order to meet with potential clients to invest in for their firm.

I then asked Amy about how she got her first job out of college and if it was from a connection or through a job panel or recruiting resources and she then went on to explain that she personally went through the UMich alumni directory (there was no LinkedIn type resources) to contact an alumni working in the business industry and “aggressively networked.” She said that during her time at Michigan, Ross did not have as many recruiting resources for Investment Banking as they do now, so she had to reach out to as many contacts as she could find and take initiative. So she ended up finding a UMich Alum and took her first job in investment banking right out of college to a bank called Drexel, and then was forced to switch after two years because that bank went out of business. She then went into investor relations from an old connection she had at the firm she first worked at. Now, she is currently in Private Equity working 10 minutes away from her home in Weston, CT where her family resides.

Another question I asked her after she described her career path was what was the most important thing she learned throughout switching jobs and in her overall career path since college. Amy began to discuss that networking and making connections was by far the most crucial and important part about growing up in the real world and moving into the Business industry. She said that we are fortunate as millennials in this day and age that we have the technology and recruiting resources where we can almost find any person’s contact information whether its through LinkedIn, online job sites or in person connections, that we can utilize to find a job. She said that we should be over utilizing networking through LinkedIn and keep our profile up to date so it appeals to current employers or human resource employees looking to recruit. She said any alumni from the University of Michigan would probably be more than happy to help us find a job or lead us to the right direction to a person or resource so it doesn’t hurt to reach out. Amy also mentioned that attending career events and networking events that the University holds is also an amazing opportunity and at our hands because you never know who you may meet that may end up opening doors for you in the future. Lastly, she said take everyone’s Business cards and always send follow up emails to make yourself memorable, because you may contact them in the future or want to keep up a relationship with them if you ever cross paths in the future.

Overall, Amy taught me so much about her career path and gave me some amazing advice and insights into what it may be like to go into the Business world. I will be going into Marketing right after college and I am so excited to have Amy as a mentor who I can contact for advice during the start of my career. She mentioned that if I foresee challenges or run into doubts along the way, to contact her and ask for her advice because she has had so much experience in this industry. I really appreciate the time Amy took to speak to me, as it made me even more eager to start my career path in Business.

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