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Career Event- By Maddy Osman

2017 April 7
by msosman

Career Event


Earlier today, I visited with MPACT and met with my advisor, Maurice Washington, for a career meeting. MPACT is a program/organization within the university that assists student-athletes in career planning and will do all they can to help you find an occupation suitable to your interests and pertaining to your major of study. It is amazing to have a resource like this here at Michigan because it is time to realize that we will not be athletes forever. Someday we will be done with collegiate athletics and it will be time to go into the real world and find a job. The education Michigan offers prepares us with knowledage, but MPACT assists you in finding a line of work that will benefit and interest you. A meeting with MPACT would be most useful for any student-athlete that is struggling with uncertainty of what to do with your major. They are amazing at what they do.

With my broad major of Sport Management, I honestly have no idea what I would like to do nor do I know the options for employment I have with this major. I have met with Maurice before and he has helped me look at different occupation possibilities. Today’s meeting was very informational in the fact that it was about building a resume, which is the next step in finding internships and work. He went through every part of the resume, informed me of how to fill in certain aspects of the document, showed me how to market myself to potential employers and internship personnel, and most importantly, relieved my stress for not knowing how to construct my first resume.

I was also shown a website called ONet, which is a site that provides information about any career you can think of. You can look at job information, find out potential annual salaries, and requirements needed for the job you are looking at. It is a great resource and I am so glad I was shown how to use this fantastic tool.

MPACT is an amazing establishment that will truly help you to be the best you can be and lead you down the best path to success. Even though student-athletes are swamped with time consuming athletic and academic demands, MPACT will work around your schedule and do all they can to get you to the next level. Another benefit is that they work with you your freshman through senior year and help you develop into someone that is ready to conquer life outside of college. The only thing MPACT could improve on is possibly allowing students other that student-athletes with this exclusive opportunity. With more exposure, more students will want to make meetings with them and get career help. Overall, my meeting today and past meetings have been extremely helpful and I can’t wait to continue working with MPACT in the future.

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