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Career Event – Amanda Halper

2017 April 11
by halper

I attended the Winter Career Expo, and it was quite a failure on my part. First of all, I showed up in a bright red sweater, leggings, and boots. Everyone else was dressed business casual or business professional, and one of my friends showed up dressed like me and we laughed about it and left. But I stayed for about thirty minutes before I found her, and before we bonded over how sorely we stood out, and those thirty minutes weren’t very productive either. I was looking for an internship in New Jersey for the upcoming summer, and most internships were being offered in the midwest or in major cities.

The Career Expo did provide me with experience and boosted my confidence when a man asked me to give him a sales pitch on a hamburger. He told me that I did exceptionally well, and it was completely on the spot. I also have no prior experience with sales, so that was exciting for me. I also got to practice pitching myself and giving firm handshakes, which are apparently very important.

Some of the lines to talk to recruiters were ridiculously long and I think there should be a sign up sheet to speak with recruiters for larger companies, or at least they should bring in more recruiters for those companies. Also, some of the time I’d want to talk to a recruiter but he/she would already be speaking with a different student so I’d just listen in and then not really get to network.

I’m glad that I attended the career expo because I got more experience with networking and pitching myself, however, I did not find it very useful besides that. It also taught me that I really need to dress better for networking events and I went and bought a pant suit when I went home for break. I call it my Hillary Clinton pant suit.

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