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Career Event – Brandon Koretz

2017 April 14
by bkoretz

For my career event, I attended the LinkedIn event in Mason Hall through Michigan’s Career Center. The workshop was focused on teaching students the ins and outs of LinkedIn, the premiere networking site for working professionals. The focus of the event was how to set up a LinkedIn account and use it effectively, building a profile that stands out among others. Though I already have an account that I use regularly, it was beneficial to hear the optimal strategies to promote myself. Upon explaining that a profile should include relevant work experience, it was noted that there is a distinction between this and a resume. A LinkedIn profile is meant to provide a brief snapshot of what an individual has done while a resume goes into more specific details. It is recommended that the two do not have the exact same content. The inclusion of one’s educational background is important to include, as it allows others from the same university to find each other more easily. There are also groups to join for each university that provide a centralized destination for those graduates on LinkedIn. It was noted that updating LinkedIn regularly with new experiences, accomplishments and positions is important so employers always have an accurate representations of an individual’s entire body of work. This is something that I do regularly, though I now need to update my profile with my internship this summer with FOX Sports at the Big Ten Network. Those running the workshop suggested using the endorsements feature to allow connections to promote various skills. Since the workshop, I have developed a question that I wish I would have been able to ask: should you accept requests from those you don’t know on LinkedIn? This workshop was also helpful in that professional headshots were provided. Students in attendance wore suits so they could get their photo taken, though I did not participate since I got a professional headshot taken the month before. The workshop was very beneficial for those in attendance and encouraged me to build my LinkedIn profile up even more than I already have. One area in which the workshop could have improved was in that much of the focus was on starting a profile, thus those running it showed how each function worked. Perhaps there should have been two sessions: one for beginners who do not have accounts and one that focused on how to strengthen a profile that already exists. Regardless, I took a lot away from this workshop and left feeling motivated to further expand my network and build connections with my parents’ friends, not just my own friends.

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