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Career Event

2017 April 17
by robincam

Before applying for summer jobs, I wanted my resume to be perfect. Last week I went to the Career Center to improve my resume. The Career Center is a great service for University of Michigan students as they start their journey from student to employee. The Career Center assists students to write resumes, practice interviews, and work through the process of finding a job. They are a great resource in all situations from finding summer employment, to internships, and even a future career.
When I met with an advisor, she began by asking about me. She asked questions that I expected, such as my job experience and goals, but also about my hobbies, talents, and family. I realized that writing a good resume encompasses the whole person. Our discussion helped me understand how to describe my experiences and write about them in a professional way. Using my answers, she taught me how to compose a resume that will lead to opportunities.
The Career Center is well run and helpful to students. They have great resources and offer beneficial counseling. However, the one area that could be improved upon is their website. The main goal of the Career Center is to help students succeed, so finding an easier interface to work with to make the process easier for students would be helpful. The process is long to get an appointment and many of the questions are specific to certain situations. Many questions were not relevant for freshmen looking for summer work. It might be better if they had different surveys for different circumstances. However, that was only a small inconvenience for access to a great opportunity.
The Career Center is a useful resource for all students and my experience was invaluable. Not only was I able to write the perfect resume for my job applications next week, but I learned resume writing skills which will help me in the future. This event is a great opportunity for anyone on campus. All college students are moving toward employment and the Career Center can give direction for the next step. My advisor showed me how to compose a resume that stands out to employers. This aids students in a competitive market. I also learned about other available services for the future. I would encourage all students to visit the Career Center throughout their university experience and take advantage of its services.

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