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Career Event

2017 April 17
by pennellb

I “attended” a career event on Wednesday, April 12th. I use quotations around attended because it was actually an online career fair. It was called the Big Ten Virtual Career Fair and I found it through the university’s career center website. It was a super interesting experience, especially given our recent discussions in class on technology and jobs. At least a day prior to the fair you had to register online to secure a spot. During the registration I had to fill out a profile which included my school, graduation date, major, etc and I was also able to attach my resume to my profile so that potential employers could see it when they visited my profile. The virtual fair started at 9 a.m. and there were probably anywhere from 60-75 companies online throughout the day. I scrolled though the companies and decided to first chat with The Peace Corps. I entered the chatroom to see conversations going between the three people with the Peace Corps, and about 10 or so students. I then received a private message from a guy named Danny. He asked me if I knew what much about the Peace Corps or if it was just a name-recognition kind of thing. I told him it was the latter, and he gave me a rundown of what the Peace Corps really do, how to apply, and what the interview process was like. I gained some really valuable information from him and I moved on to talk with other companies. The majority of the companies there were either teaching jobs with companies that place teachers in underprivileged areas around the U.S. or sales companies. While I’m not necessarily interested in those fields it was helpful to get to talk with people from each of those companies. The fair was also super helpful because it gave me an opportunity to see different jobs that I would actually be able to do, even though I’m an English major. On the majority of the companies profiles that I visited they had listed “Liberal Arts” as qualifications they were looking for in their potential employers, and I found only a few companies that were specific to business or other areas of study that I’m not qualified in. Overall I think the Big Ten Virtual Career Fair was super helpful in a number of ways and I would highly suggest checking it out next time it happens.

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