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Career Event

2017 April 17
by thcappel

Earlier this month, I attended the LinkedIn event at Mason through the Michigan Career Center, entitled “Are You LinkedIn?” I haven’t really used LinkedIn that much, so I figured going to this event I’d learn a bit more about it, as well as learn a bit more about how to promote myself through the internet. I’ve barely used LinkedIn in the past, so I was curious to see how people use it professionally.

Originally, I thought LinkedIn was supposed to be your online resume, but after this event I’ve realized that it’s not important to list every detail about your work history, and your LinkedIn should just highlight the most important aspects of your work and ability, like education, work experience, photos, job summaries and skills. Apparently you can also show your Facebook interests, and like other social media you can add people and network through it.

I didn’t realize that they would have a booth for people to get head shots taken. I didn’t feel like I was ready to have a headshot taken and If I knew prior I probably would have shown up looking gorgeous. They discussed the importance of having a clean, serious, and simple headshot for your LinkedIn, and how you want to avoid having something too casual.

While the career event was beneficial, and I learned a bit more about LinkedIn, I am unsure in the field of freelance/music/arts how beneficial LinkedIn is. However, I have started making one to the best of my ability and have taken in the suggestions that the presentation offered. I guess I’ve been using my Facebook as a LinkedIn, keeping it really professional and only business related. I wonder if LinkedIn should be somewhat like Facebook where you only add people you’ve worked with, or if you should accept everyone who comes your way. For me, I’ll usually accept anyone who has 10+ mutual friends, especially if they are a fellow artist/musician/sound person.

Overall, the LinkedIn event was interested and I learned a bit from it. I’ll def use this info to create a page that may benefit me in the future.

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