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Informational Interview- Madison Levin

2017 April 17
by madlevin

I chose to interview Jodi Solarana, a Michigan alumnus. I asked her what she majored in and why she chose that specific major; she told me she graduated with a degree in Psychology since she loved the introductory class and never regretted her choice to do so. However, she disclosed to me that she was a little hesitant at first to declare this as her major because she didn’t necessarily want to be a psychologist, but she thoroughly enjoyed the classes she was taking and decided to pursue this degree and figure out other means of jobs that can come from getting a degree in this field. After obtaining her BA in Psychology she continued to achieve a Master’s degree in Social Work, which she says “fine-tuned” her interview skills. Her education has been a fundamental tool in all of her recruiting positions she has held. For the past twenty years, she has been a corporate recruiter and now works at Amazon. All of her jobs have been focused on assessing other’s strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral traits; so, it’s clear how a degree in Psychology can be extremely useful in a field such as hers. She believes that using the knowledge and information she learned her during her time at Michigan really helped her understand why people behave in certain ways, which can help predict future behavior. Again, this is extremely helpful when she is interviewing an individual to see if he or she is fit for the job. A typical day at her job includes servicing her clients, typically colleagues, who have open positions to fill. She strategizes in order to find the best fit candidate for the job needed to be filled, and then conducts interviews. She said that her favorite part about her job is the win-win situation of finding a perfect match for a position. Finally, I asked her if she had any advice for those who are struggling to figure out their major and if she had any advice for those who are about to graduate and are scared about finding a job. She suggested to choose a major that is exciting and one that a student finds exciting is the best possible way to choose a major; she also said it is normal to feel anxious about finding a job and her advice is to start networking as soon as possible. She said to start building your professional relationships early on by creating a profile on Linkedin in order to connect to people you meet: you never know who is going to be able to help you down the road. Her final piece of advice, which I found to be extremely interesting, is to read the newspaper every day. She said by doing so, it helps you carry yourself through a conversation about current events and staying up to date about these events is priceless. She didn’t go into much detail after that, but it left me thinking why would reading the newspaper be such an asset to someone when they are looking for a job. My conclusion is that a great candidate for a position is a well-rounded and knowledgeable person who knows about other things besides the field he or she is trying to pursue and it is also provides great conversational pieces in an interview. Overall, I feel like this interview soothed my nerves about choosing a major, since I am considering double majoring in Psychology and English. Her advice really made me feel even more comfortable with my decision and I can use my degree to the best of my ability. There are many different ways to use a degree and I think that from this interview I learned that your degree can be stretched into ways that fit you best, and by choosing something you’re interested in, the jobs you have later on will be ones that interest you as well.

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