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Career Event

2017 May 1
by howyoung

One of the Ross clubs that I participated in has regular collaboration with multiple financial institutions, such as banks and consulting firms. In one of the club’s weekly email, there was a coffee chat & info session event with representatives from Credit Suisse’s (CS) investment banking division. The topic of this event was helping current sophomore and junior students to connect with the bank’s representatives, know more about CS’s culture, and join an interactive discussion that will help students evaluate a career in finance and assist their preparation for the upcoming recruiting season.

I am very interested in working in investment banking division, and I know that CS is one of the top investment banks in the world. So, I signed up for one of the spots on April 26th chatting with one of the CS’s representatives, Weiji Ma, who seems to have similar cultural background with me. Later I found that it was a good choice to chat with this person because we have so many common topics to talk about. In addition to both interested in finance, we are both from Beijing, China and we both had experience of study abroad. We had a great conversation talking about the memories of our hometown and studying as international students. I also learned a lot about recruiting from his stories. For example, I learned that people who succeed in one path often plan early. Weiji told me that he graduated from one of the top colleges in the UK and he started to do internships in investment banking division in the summer of his first year in college. While in the school, he actively reached out to professors, alumni, and career center services. Consequently, when he applying full-time job opportunity at CS’s investment banking division, he had more working experiences than most of other students graduating with him.

After this coffee chat, I also learned that when attending a career event and chatting with someone, do not have too many expectations on what you will talk about with the other person. The most important thing is listening to his or her story, asking questions that you are most interested in, and developing a real friendship instead of a utilitarian relationship with the person. If you chat with the person like chatting with a friend, both of you two will feel comfortable and you are really learning something from the conversation.

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